Ordering Info

By ordering, customers take full legal responsibility for all items ordered. This includes age, shipping and possession.

Books & Videos: Due to vendor requirements books and videos cannot be refunded. If your tape or book proves to be defective, you can exchange it for the same title.

Weapons are sold for training only under expert supervision, for demonstration of forms, collection, or display. Some weapons may be illegal in your area; user must research and follow state and local laws. American Tigerstrike, Inc is not responsible for improper or illegal use or modification of its weapons. Weapons training requires: appropriate safe gear, including head, face, eye, and mouth protection and other guards and suitable for the particular weapon and techniques being practiced and a safe training environment set up to avoid injury to people or objects. To decrease chances of injury, user should respect weapon(s), inspect them before each use to insure they are in proper condition and not use them for sparring or contact. Weapons will not be sold to anyone under 18 years of age. American Tigerstrike, Inc recommends that instructors limit children and beginners to the use of foam rubber and foam-covered practice weapons and/or wooden blades.

Training equipment and accessories; users should: consult physicians before beginning an exercise program; train only under the supervision of a qualified instructor who insures that equipment is in good condition and responsibly monitors students and drills; and know and respect their own limitations.

Sparring gear is intended to reduce the risk and severity of accidental injury to protected areas during supervised, no contact or light contact martial arts sparring. It is for martial arts sparring only and not for other more intense uses. (e.g., full contact sparring, boxing, bag work, weapons training, other sport activities or uses, etc.). It is only for use under the supervision of a skilled instructor who responsibly monitors techniques and intensity of sparring and assures that students are properly trained and physically conditioned. All sparring participants should wear full sets of equipment and not use old, modified, damaged or improperly fitted equipment.

By submitting this order, I agree that I am of legal age to use the items I am ordering, that it is legal in my state or local to order the items, and that I understand Martial Arts can be a dangerous sport and could result in injury. I further hold American Tigerstrike, Inc harmless from the use of any item I have purchased.