Foam Sparring Gear

For a good martial artist to train properly they are going to need the proper sparring gear. Among the most prevalent fighting styles these days include taekwondo, karate, kung fu among other more modern mma styles. For the most typical types of sparring sessions you will need foam sparring gear and occasionally vinyl gear. Most schools today tend to use the foam sparring gear as it is the standard in most tournament circuits. With regards to sparring equipment, most schools will have certain items that are required. These things are made to help keep you safe when you are on the floor.

For lower body coverage, both shin guards and shin and instep guards are widely used. They ought to be loose enough so you do not loose circulation but tight enough so that they do not move too much. Foot protectors provide some protection for the top of your feet as well as some cushion for your opponent or sparring partner. Head gear is one of the most widely used pieces. Good headgear is high quality and can absorb some shock. It ought to fit comfortably on your head. You do not want it to move around. One of the most over looked but most inexpensive pieces is the mouthguard. Mouth protectors enable you to keep your teeth safe. You will want to form it to your teeth, which is pretty easy to do. All mouth pieces come with instructions on just how to do that. It must be properly shaped to the teeth, if you realize it’s way too loose-fitting and you end up gagging, then you should move down to a smaller size.

When choosing sparring gear be sure you are using the correct type for your school. Each school requires different pieces. The most common being the foot, punch and head guards. You will find our gear to some of the best around.

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