Cloth Sparring Gear

Cloth sparring gear is another option widely available and because of the low cost is popular with beginners to the martial arts. While cloth gear does not offer a head guard it is available for the hands and forearms, the feet and shin bones and combinations of both and is normally paired with either a foam dipped or vinyl head guard. The most commonly used cloth gear is a combination hand forearm which protects the knuckles of the hand as well as the forearm. The shin and instep pad protects the shin bone of the leg while also offering padding over the top of the foot which allows the wearer to kick without fear of too much bruising to the leg. The cloth gear is typically made of a foam padding that is sewn into a cloth outer layer. Cloth sparring gear will get dirty and is a bit harder to clean. It can be thrown in the wash but care must be taken to avoid the foam material inside from bunching up.

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