Quality Supplies

To reach your full potential you need the right martial art gear and supplies. We have the best equipment for all of your needs. From traditional karate and Tae Kwon Do styles to modern MMA combative styles.

Sparring gear to help you spar at your best. From foam sparring punches and head gear to cloth and vinyl. Whatever you prefer we have it including chest protectors, groin protectors, gloves, shin guards, and head guard (helmets) and all in a variety of colors that allow you to express your personality at any tournament.

What type of sparring equipment sets do you need?

There are several styles of sparring gear available to the martial arts student in today’s world, not to mention many different brands. The type you choose can be a personal choice based on your preference of looks or it might be required that you use a specific type of gear depending on your organization, school or club. Foam Dipped is the most widely used

The most commonly found sparring gear used at tournaments and in martial arts classes is the foam dipped sparring gear that has a thick padding and usually comes in many different colors depending on the brand you purchase. In the olden days you were lucky if you had 3 or 4 colors to choose from (black, white, blue and red), now though you can find a rainbow of colors from the standard and popular basics to pink, purple, yellow and even green.

Foam dipped gear is commonly used to protect the head, the hands and the feet and can also include the shin bone area of the leg and the forearms. Foam gear is typically 1″ thick foam padding and utilizes a special process where the foam is “dipped” into a liquid vinyl that dries with no seams. The finished product is soft and flexible and very easy to clean and is long lasting which makes it very popular.

The head guard protects the back and top of the head as well as the forehead and the cheeks but typically does not have any padding over the chin and is usually fastened into place with a strap under the chin. The punches or hand pads will normally have an open finger style that allows the wearer to cover the tops of the hand to the knuckles and does include wrist and partial forearm protection. The kick or foot pads are worn like shoes and have padding that covers the toes, top of the foot, the sides and heel but leave the bottom of the foot open. Shin and forearm guards are also available in foam dipped material and are used to protect the shin and forearm from strikes and blocks.


Uniforms and Gi’s That Provide Comfort and Longevity
We carry all styles of uniforms from karate crossover gi’s to taekwondo v-neck uniforms to traditional kung fu uniforms. And these are the quality 7.3 oz uniforms and not the flimsy 4 or 5 oz gi’s so many other stores sell. Your 7.3 oz will last because we offer 6 rows of stitching at the hem and the cut of the uniform allows for maximum movement that looks great.


Focus Mitts and Kicking Targets That Hone Your Skills
When practicing the strikes of the martial arts we need to have the right equipment that does not break down after a couple of months of use. Our focus mitts and kicking shields will last while you work on developing accuracy and proper technique.